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A Soul In A Bottle by Tim Powers
From Publishers Weekly
In this taut, eerie novella from Powers (Three Days to Never), used-book hunter George Sydney finds he can summon a beautiful poet when he discovers a signed volume containing a previously unknown variant of one sonnet. The good news is that he can bring the mysterious woman, Cheyenne Fleming, back to life. The bad news is that if he does, he will never meet her, and the act itself may harm an innocent. Set in Los Angeles, Powers's intricate story shows how Sydney's loneliness and alcoholism leaves him vulnerable to someone (or something) that is not what it appears to be. There are no thin, hairy specters lurking in this tale, and no cold grue to chill one's bones. Its impact is more moral than visceral, evoking the pity and fear that are hallmarks of tragedy. Exquisitely illustrated by J.K. Potter, this slender volume is sure to appeal to epicures of the terrible. (Dec.)
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  A Soul in a Bottle
Subterranean Press Limited Hardcover edition, Date published 2006, Illustrated by J. K. Potter, ISBN 1-59606-074-3, 82 pages
First edition, 474 signed leatherbound hardcovers, with a different dust jacket than the Trade Hardcover. Special Note from the Publisher: We’ve just unearthed three unpublished sonnets by Cheyenne Fleming, the haunted poet at the center of Tim Powers’ new illustrated tale, A Soul in a Bottle. These lost poems were discovered too late to be included in the book proper, so we’re arranging to have copies made, which will be laid into the limited edition. Search for other copies
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