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To Be Continued: The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg Volume 1 by Robert Silverberg
The first of an intended 8 volume collection of Mr. Silverberg's stories and novellas to be published by Subterranean Press, each intended to be 150,000-200,000 words.

Table of Contents: Introduction / Gorgon Planet / The Road to Nightfall / The Silent Colony / Absolutely Inflexible / The MacAuley Circuit / The Songs of Summer / To Be Continued / Alaree / The Artifact Business / Collecting Team / A Man of Talent / One- Way Journey / Sunrise on Mercury / World of a Thousand Colors / Warm Man / Blaze of Glory / Why? / The Outbreeders / The Man Who Never Forgot / There Was an Old Woman / The Iron Chancellor / Ozymandias / Counterpart / Delivery Guaranteed
Subterranean Press 1st Hardcover edition, Date published 2006, ISBN 1-59606-61-1, 392 pages

First trade edition, released simultaneously with a limited edition of 125 signed and numbered copies. The trade edition is bound in red cloth and was issued without a dustjacket. Search for other copies
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