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The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King
After escaping the alternate Topeka and the evil wizard Randall Flagg, Roland's ka-tet travel to the farming village of Calla Bryn Sturgis where they meet the townsfolk, as well as Father Callahan, who was originally introduced in 'Salem's Lot. He and the townsfolk request the ka-tet's assistance in battling against the Wolves of Thunderclap, who come once a generation to take one child from each pair of the town's twins. After a few months of being away, the children are then returned "roont" (ruined)--mentally handicapped and destined to grow to enormous size and die young. The Wolves are due to come in about a month's time.

Father Callahan also tells the gunslingers his remarkable story of how he left Maine following his battle with the vampire Barlow in the novel 'Salem's Lot. Since that encounter he has gained the ability to identify vampires, amongst whom Callahan identifies three types, by a blue aura. After some time he begins killing minor vampires as he finds them; however, this makes him a wanted man amongst the "low men" and so Callahan must go into exile.

Eventually he is lured into a trap and dies, allowing him to enter Mid-World in 1983, much as Jake did when killed in The Gunslinger. He appears near the Calla with an evil magic ball called the Black Thirteen, and is found by the Manni people.

Not only do Roland of Gilead and his ka-tet have to protect the Calla-folken from the Wolves, they must also protect a single red rose that grows in a vacant lot on Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street in mid-town Manhattan of 1977. If it is destroyed, then the Tower, which is the rose in another form, will fall. In order to get back to New York to prevent this they must use the sinister Black Thirteen.

To add to that, Roland and Jake have noticed bizarre changes in Susannah's behavior, which are linked to the event recounted in The Waste Lands when Susannah occupies the demon in the stone circle.
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  Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower, Book 5)
Donald M Grant Publishers Limited Hardcover edition, Illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, 714 pages

First edition of the fifth book in Stephen King's Gunslinger series. The length of this book warranted splitting the limited edition into two volumes, each in dustjackets and a single slipcase, in an edition of 1350 numbered copies, each of which contains a limitation page signed by Stephen King and artist Bernie Wrightson Search for other copies
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