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Born Bad by Barry Hoffman
Three apparent suicides by University of Pennsylvania co-eds blossom into a murder investigation for homicide detective Ariel Dampier when the police receive a mysterious letter claiming responsibility for the deaths.

Born Bad turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse as Dampier attempts to prove Shanicha Wilkens, a young freshman at Penn, guilty of the crimes. Shanicha, a crack baby whose mother died giving birth to her, is devoid of human emotion. No compassion, no remorse... nothing. Instead, she's a brilliant puppet-master who plants the seeds of discontent and watches the havoc she has wrought, all while battling her own army of demons.

And Detective Dampier has baggage of her own. The light-skinned daughter of an interracial marriage, Dampier searches for racial identity while butting heads with both a police department hostile toward women, and an upwardly mobile superior officer. When Dampier's ex-husband, a University of Pennsylvania patrolman, is attacked the hunt becomes personal...

Shanicha Wilkins was born bad, but can the dogged detective bring her in ...
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  Born Bad
Cemetery Dance Publications Limited Hardcover edition, Date published 2000, ISBN 1-881475-87-5, 404 pages

Released in a limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies along with 26 signed, lettered and traycased copies. Numbered copies priced at $40. Search for other copies
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