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Rick Hautala

from Rick's website

Maybe now that this Website is up and running (and growing), I’ll get the exact count of published books. I haven’t bothered until now because my M.O. has been not to look back. Once I finish a book, I get so involved with the next project, I forget about the work that’s done. But I’ve had more than twenty books published, I know that. There’s the million copy, international best-seller Nightstone, as well as Twilight Time, Little Brothers, Beyond the Shroud, Cold Whisper, and Impulse. Eventually, I’ll account for all the books and write up some nifty descriptions. I’ve also written in the neighborhood of fifty short stories, which have appeared in national and international anthologies and magazines. Bedbugs, my first short story collection, was published by CD Publication in 2000 (and selected by Barnes and Noble as one of the distinguished horror books of that year). It will be followed up soon by another collection, Occasional Demons.

Most recently, my novel Poltergeist: The Legacy - The Hidden Saint (Berkley/Putnam) was published in November, 1999, and the novel The White Room (Berkley/Putnam) written under the pseudonym A.J. Matthews, was published in June, 2001. Perhaps the story I’m proudest of is the novella “Miss Henry’s Bottles,” which was published in Rich Chizmar’s Trick or Treat, published by CD Publications in 2001.
Currently—well, as of October 14, 2002, when I’m writing this, I’m working on a new novel titled Looking Glass (another A.J. Matthews book), another short story collection titled Occasional Demons, a novella titled Cold River, and (with Christopher Golden, a prequel to the movie Underworld.

I graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a Master of Art in English Literature in 1974 … a long time ago. Currently, I live in southern Maine with author Holly Newstein and my third and last son, Matti. My other sons are out in the world—Aaron is lead singer and keyboard player for the rock band Satellite Lot. Jesse is a student at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. I’ve served terms as Vice President and Trustee for the Horror Writers Association but—like Groucho—I don’t really want to be a member of any organization that would have someone like me for a member.

All in all, I keep pretty much to myself. The only convention I attend with regularity is Camp NECon. Check out their Website for information about the best con around.

(from Rick's website)

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