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Junius Podrug

Junius Podrug’s mother was a crazy Italian with the soul of a gypsy. They lived in 17 towns and 30 houses by the time he was 15 years old. They not infrequently failed to stay one step ahead of sheriff deputies as they left town. He accumulated enough credits for a year of high school without finishing the eighth grade.

He worked washing cars, loading trucks, selling shoes and other jobs before returning to school as an adult, completing college and law school. The day he passed the California bar exam, he became a small town sole practitioner. Ultimately the "small town" was Los Angeles and his office was in Beverly Hills. He handled criminal and plaintiff cases, trying a wide variety of actions in state and federal court. His last trial was the federal case arising from the Chippendale murder.

Although he technically has seven years of college and has taught college courses, he has struggled with "literacy" his whole life because of a lack of education in the fundamental English grammar taught through high school. His "formal education" in American literature was B-movies and pulp fiction—hard boiled private eyes, sci-fi and westerns.

He is a full time writer and lives on Cape Cod.

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