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Will You Always Love Me? by Joyce Carol Oates
In this story the heroine admits, "I haven't any real idea who I'm supposed to be, or why I'm here." Andrea McClure plays an occasional role on the amateur stage because theater gives her "an ease and a grace and a purposefulness" she cannot have elsewhere. In Andrea's case, a particular event has robbed her of identity and grace: this was the brutal rape and murder of her older sister, Frannie, when Andrea was 14.

As Andrea's lover, Harry Steinhart (and, through him, the reader) learns, the man accused and subsequently jailed for the crimes is probably not the man who committed them. But, as Harry rightly judges, Andrea cannot afford truth or justice. Her greatest need is for a named evil, one that can be kept at bay. When the prisoner is up for parole, she testifies vehemently and successfully for his continued incarceration. Andrea's life has been claimed by her murdered sister, a possession that goes beyond the need for vengeance.
(from a NY Times review by Kathryn Harrison on the publication of a collection containing this story, 1996)
James Cahill Publishing Limited Hardcover edition, Date published 1994
Lettered edition

Numbered edition

A limited edition of 75 numbered and 26 lettered copies, contains just this story. Both editions featured a leather spine and marbled boards, with the numbered editions in tan and the lettered editions in a blue / purple color. 2 years later a collection featuring this story as its title piece was released by a different publisher in a standard trade edition. Search for other copies
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  A mint condition lettered edition, letter "K", 1 of 26 published.
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