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A Season In Hell by Arthur Rimbaud
French poet Arthur Rimbaud's Une Saison en Enfer (A Season in Hell) dates itself April through August 1873, but these are dates of completion. He finished the work in a farmhouse in Roche, Ardennes while recovering from a shotwound inflicted by Paul Verlaine, whom he had a relationship with at the time of the shooting. It is the only work that was published by Rimbaud himself.

The autobiographic tale deals with Rimbaud's liaisons with French poet Paul Verlaine.
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  A Season in Hell and The Drunken Boat
The Limited Editions Club 1st Thus Hardcover edition, Date published 1986, Illustrated by Robert Mapplethorpe, 87 pages

Quarto (7-1/2" x 11-1/2") handsewn and handbound in full crimson Oasis goatskin stamped in black. The original French with the acclaimed English translation by Paul Schmidt on facing pages. 8 hand-pulled photogravures by Robert Mapplethorpe. Bound at the Jovonis Bookbindery, signed by Mapplethorpe and Paul Schmidt (the translator). Search for other copies
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