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Currency of Souls by Kealan Patrick Burke
Welcome to Eddie's Tavern, the only functioning waterhole in a near-dead town. Among the people you'll meet tonight are: Tom, Milestone's haunted lawman, who walks in the shadow of death; Gracie, the barmaid, a wannabe actress, doomed to spend her hours tending bar in a purgatory of her father's making; Flo, the town seductress, who may or may not have murdered her husband; Cobb, a nudist awaiting an apology from the commune who cast him out; Wintry, the mute giant, whose story is told only in cryptic messages scribbled beneath newspaper headlines; Kyle, the kid, who keeps a loaded gun beneath the table; and Cadaver, who looks like a corpse, but smells real nice, and occupies his time counting stacks of pennies.

And then there's Reverend Hill, who will be in at eleven, regular as clockwork, to tell them who's going to die, and who's going to drive.

Welcome to Eddie's, where tonight, for the first time in three years, nothing will go according to plan.
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  Currency of Souls
Subterranean Press Limited Hardcover edition, Date published 2007, ISBN 978-1-59606-069-2, 207 pages

Limited edition, 750 copies bound in red cloth with dust jacket, signed by the author. Search for other copies
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